Tracking Extreme Weather Throughout The World With Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts

Earth Alerts

There are lots of applications for monitoring weather but most of them are not that interesting. They will tell you that it might become windy in the evening or it is possible to rain tomorrow but that is all they do. However, Earth Alerts is a different app. It is able to predict details about any location you specify. The current situation, forecasts, maps and so on will be there. But its main focus is more important events such as alerts on Earthquakes, forest fires, tsunami warnings, cyclones and landslides.

To get started with it you need to add a couple of locations you need to monitor. By default it displays details of American weather but the possibility is there to add any location no matter where it is located.

Once you finish the basic configuration Earth Alerts will download the updates available. This may take a little time but when you click the link “update now” it will start working. Once downloading of data is over, you will find that the data is being organized on three areas. Overview on the US, a global overview and details on your custom location are the three.

When you look at each section you will get more information. At the time of writing, Global overview showed an alert on a “Topical Cyclone”. When you click on any such alert you will get more details.

You will be able to find who issued the alerts and what they say exactly. Satellite images and maps gave more details on the cyclone. Its alerts on volcanoes displayed photos, reports, webcam views and so on. Links are there to websites that offer forecasts and even to Google earth.

This program offers support for regular weather forecasts as well. When you add a location you could view radar maps, current conditions, satellite photos and so on. There will be a prediction for the next few days with more details.

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