Use Powertool Analyze Windows And Apps And Troubleshoot Them


When you find problems with Windows, very often you could look at the Task Manager and find the programs that use too much of CPU time or RAM, for terminating the process that causes problems to normalize things.

Often you will find that Task Manager is unable to handle situations and it is necessary to have a third party tool and PowerTool is the one to have.

PowerTool developed by developers of PC Hunter could be used to look at different aspects of the system setup. Browse the interface with tabs to find lists of processes that are running, start up programs, loaded modules, windows services and more.

There are modules that are more active that include simple versions of Explorer as well as REGEDIT with which you could manipulate registry keys and files. Also you could view them.

Further options could be seen when you right click the lists. It is not only the displaying of running processes that PowerTool does. It also could look for malware at VirusTotal and force them to terminate if problems are there. It could even delete them to prevent them from restarting.

Story is the same with services of Windows. It could manually stop them and restart. Also, set up the startup type of them and do lot more.

You also could view details such as kernel threads as well as notifying routines, SSDT as well as Shadow SSDT hooks, filters, and more. Memory dumps could be initiated and hooks could be restored. Even changing the protection of RAM blocks or editing them manually could be done.

There are also bad news with PowerTool. The interface doesn’t always work the way you want. For instance, you cannot view more details with double click or with right clicks on properties. We have also experienced crashing of registry browser with one test system.

Overall, as Process Explorer says PowerTool is not a polished program. But is powerful and comes free with no strings. To hunt malware manually and to know what is taking place in your PC at a low level it is a good program. Have a look.

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