Batch Compress Your JPEGs Up To 90% With Caesium


In case you save a JPEG image, the easy way is to accept the default option on the image by clicking File>Save. This means you are using the JPEG compression level that existed without changing it. Unless you change the compression to an optimum level the final image of yours will probably become ten times the size you really need.

Caesium, an open source program offers an easy way to find if this is going to be a problem for you. You can point this program at images you select or a folder that has them. It will recompress the files quickly to a lower setting on quality. The program supports PNG, WMF, BMP and JPG files. Once the compression is done, it will also provide you a report.

This process is not difficult to set up. You can import images with a click. The slider offers to set up the compression level anew. The recompressed images could be saved in a new one or the same folder.

In case you need to share photos with others by having a lower resolution, you could use the program’s optional tool for image resizing.

On performance of the software we have found JPEG results to be generally 30 to 90 percent good. Around 10% of the images stayed the same size virtually and some got larger.

Compression of PNG was poor relatively and most of the images tested have increased in size. (Though this is a disappointment it will not affect your files as you could tell the program not to save the images recompressed if they become larger than their originals).

You cannot predict the results obtained with Caesium and everything depends on the source images. In case you want to shrink JPEG images you will find that it is a successful program. However, it will take only 10 minutes to know what happened. So better download a copy to see what Caesium could do for you.

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