Tweak And Convert Music Files Of Yours With AV Audio Editor

AV Audio Editor

AV Audio Editor

Many developers of audio editors think that the more features you have the better will be the quality of software. But when it is so, usability problems arise.

AV Audio Editor is one that offers a different approach. The list of features it offers is basic. It is the usual cut, copy as well as paste options. In addition to that a few effects are there. But they are more than enough to handle many situations and AV Audio Editor is able to use them well.

For instance, when it comes to file support while others import only MP3 files this one is able to support many different file types at the same time. Also, multiple files could be edited at the same time. Giving you full control over sample rates, codecs and many more, it could save files also on the right format.

When you open an audio file the familiar wave form is displayed. The first thing is to find the area to edit. Though with most editors it is not easy to figure out how zoom and editor tools are implemented, with AV Audio Editor it is easy.

There are different ways to work with this program. You could use mouse or you have the option to use tool bar buttons and menu options for zooming. You also could click and drag.

You could select areas with keyboard as well. You have the option to select areas the same way you do with text.

Selected areas could be manipulated with various keys meaning that with standard Windows keys you could do everything.

Though you have only a few effects they are well implemented. They could be previewed real time. Most settings are saved automatically as you choose them.

However, the editing power of AV Audio Editor is very much lower.

But if what you want is a little trimming, this program will be good for you. Though its features are basic overall AV Audio Editor is a good tool to refine your audio files.

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