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WinPatrol 3.1

WinPatrol 3.1

A slow performing computer is the most irritating thing for a technology junkie. Different things can hamper a computer’s performance, but majorly spyware, malware or adware can be attributed to slowing down the performance of the computer. The release of WinPatrol 31, which is an upgrade from the previous version, is exactly what every PC needs as a security tool. BillP Studios released WinPatrol 31 as an upgrade from the previous Windows snapshot basis security utility. The WinPatrol is impressive software that gives multiple solutions in one effortless step. The features of this application go to show the time and effort that was put into its creation. The first thing and probably the most important thing that the application does is that it detects and neutralizes spyware and Adware.

The application detects and neutralizes viral infections. It does the same to unwanted IE Add-Ons. The application also detects and restores file type changes and automatically filters any unwanted cookies. One thing that I know many people do not like is the inexplicable change of the Start Page. Well WinPatrol avoids start page hijacking and detects HOST file changes on the PC. The application seems to keep getting better. It alerts you on any changes that are about to be made on your computer and allows you to completely take control of your PC. The application does not take up much space in your computer. It requires only a little more than 3MB of RAM and the main program only needed about 6MB. The application capitalizes on reduced memory storage to optimize performance.

This version of WinPatrol is free and easily accessible. However, if you want more, there is another version, WinPatrol PLUS, which is a bit more expensive. This version has better security features, increased program features and much more. This application is the PC’s dark knight and anybody who truly cares about his or her computers security should definitely have this.

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