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Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover

Outlook does provide different ways to manage the size of the mailbox. But there are no ways provided that is used to deal with the duplicates that is used to damage the system. Application known as Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover is a free tool available that is used to find and remove duplicates from the email folders , contacts, calendars, tasks, notes from the Outlook.

The program is very much useful and can be installed as it is very simple and is portable too. It has less impact on PC as there is no extra adware or payload available. Once it is launched, you are provided a tree that consists of data from outlook. You can check one of the folders such as Inbox or Contact and the program will scan the data. You could even click on Outlook Data File to check too.

You could use click settings that allows to define the ways duplicates can be detected. Default emails are supposed to be duplicates if the subject and body of the content are the same.  But you can use Sender Name, CC, BCC, attachment fields and even the Unread status too.

Once you click search, then Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover does its work by going through the data as per the rules that are defined earlier. It would take some time but it will keep you updated on the duplicates as they are found.

Once scan work is completed, the results are then displayed on tab namely Found duplicates. It is basically a tree, where every duplicate is listed within it. You could see that the oldest of the items are available for selection. But can review each one single handedly and choose what you wish to keep.

Once you feel good, you can click Remove and delete the selected duplicates available. It  can take some time but the best part of this tool is that, once they are sent to delete folder, it is easy to recover whenever there is a problem.


Download Automatic Outlook Duplicate Remover


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