Better Search – The Search Assistant Tool For Chrome Users

BetterSearch Google Chrome Search Assistant Tool

The Better Search is an interactive tool which helps in seeing the results that you want in a new tab on various search engines like Bing, Google, Yandex, Baidu, etc. All you have to do is hover the cursor of the mouse over the page description. Here it would be a normal magnifying glass icon and you would have to click the preview option so that the document would appear in a floating preview window.

Do you know that for any kind of web research project, the Chrome is one of the best companions? It is one of the quickest, easiest and the best one which have a capable bookmarking feature so that all the favorite websites can be recorded. Of course, there are quite a lot of room for making improvements and the tool Better Search helps in making the browser filled with a lot of extensive functionality and search run features.

An interesting aspect of this tool is that it helps in finding the search terms by highlighting it right inside the preview window. Yes! The scroll bar is present in the right hand side and it is the place where the keywords are kept and that too within the given document as a whole. It makes the searching quick and quite easy to see the references.

Another effective feature of the Better Search tool is that it would allow the user to rate the pages according to the usefulness. The search results will be based on various factors like Best comes first, then followed by Good pages and as you move to the  top most page, you would be getting the Poor pages which would be often hidden from the search engines. Of course, there would be pages which come with the Block result, making sure that the results are hidden from that particular site. This is a great means to remove the unwanted searches from your selection.

In addition, there is the right click option which is used for highlighting the text and annotating it. Also you have the option to revisit the given pages later on and you can view the highlighted text and by simply hovering the mouse cursor would show the comments.

In case if you cannot keep in mind of what you have done, then don’t worry. Just click the Better Search icon and choose the option called My Library so that you can see the pages that you have rated and even the ones whose annotations have been made by you. This is one of the easiest methods of keeping track of what kind of researches have been done by you.

There are tiny icons available at the top of the searching result page. This would allow any user to run the given search on any other website and search engines like Google, eBay, Amazon, GitHub, Wikipedia, etc.

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