How Much Effective Far Manager Is?

Far Manager

To define Far Manager in simple terms, it is nothing but a simple program which can be used for handling various files and archives present in the Windows OS. Basically, it works quite effective in the text mode and gives an intuitive and simple interface where one can do most of the important actions.

Various actions like checking out the directories and files, copying files, editing, renaming files, and the list goes on and on. Basically, Far Manager which is the short form of Archive and File Manager isĀ  an orthodox and simple file managing tool used in Windows OS and even in the clone of the Norton Commander.

In addition, the Far Manager often employs the Win32 console and it has a great keyboard usage interface with limited usage of mouse and its operation which includes the drop and drag option too. Now the Far Manager has an extensive feature where an internal editor or viewer can customize the various user menus, view the trees, do file search, make comparison, switch between tasks, and the list goes on and on.

Frankly, it is important to notice that this is nothing but a standard functionality which can be expanded using plugins and macros. The default interface of the Far Manager has two kinds of file panels which has a easy to use command prompt. In addition, the panels are fully and easily customized having a good number of columns and which can be used in any order. Even the operations can be done from to and from of the entire panel.

The file panel has the extensive feature of providing a great amount of support to the wildcard choices, advanced and proper filtering, highlighting, sorting, etc. Also, the command prompt and files can be both active at the required time.

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