Screen Reader – Portable Tool For Reading Text


The Screen Reader is a simple and free compact tool for reading the text present on the screen of the device. Quite similar to the Narrator of the Windows OS, this tool uses the same core properties of the MS speech engine to do the required function. However, unlike the Windows’ Narrator, the Screen Reader has got a lot of advantages which makes it a hot property to download.

One of the major feature of this tool is that it is portable. For example, you could use this program on any other PC without making a compromise on the given settings of the system. All you have to do is unzip the download file (which is more than 100 KB) and then run the ScreenReader.exe file. The given tool is not quite wordy. Basically, it would not begin to read a whole window each time a user clicks on it.

Here the Screen Reader will just keep on reading the text as you keep moving the mouse cursor over it, even if the given window does not have any kind of focus. In addition, you won’t be getting all the given text information. You would have to click the system tray and simply move the mouse icon. But unlike the narrator, here you won’t hear the notification of the desktop tooltip. Basically, the Screen Reader would read the given tooltip and decode what the tooltip says. Now there is extensive support for reading clipboards on demand and it would automatically get updated.

The configurable hotkeys present in the Screen Reader tool would allow a user to read the keyboard and even stop or start reading or locking or unlocking the required window only for reading. Since the program is based on the SAPI of Microsoft, you can read it by using any kind of standard voices or whichever tool is installed. Basically, the Screen Reader is not easily configurable like the Windows Narrator, however, it would require one to simply check out the occasional words and reading.

This tool is worth something to try for those individuals who like a portable tool for reading text.

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