The One App To Pacify Your Decisions

Certified True Randomizer

We are know that life is full of decisions and you need to be careful when you are discussing and evaluating about it. Sometimes you may feel that they are not so significant or you may be wanting to get something more surprising from your life. So, why cannot you let your phone select the outcome and that can be done with the help of the CTR (Certified True Randomizers).

This so called simple application can give about six means to provide random choices. Like flipping of a coin, you have the option to rolling up the six dices even at once. Like normal gambling games where you have to shuffle the pack for cards where you can pick them at once, selecting the lottery numbers, generating integers as per the rules of yours.

Some may try for opting for Android app which could give all the given features for free, however the IOS version has the coin flipper feature. There are other companies which provide but they cost about $0.99 each and you can even buy bulk ones for about $2.99. In addition, there are no additional twist involved and even extra features. No variations or no hidden dice games and besides the single or double types of surprises available in the interface, this app is quite the best to select.

Some may still be unsatisfied and as per the developers of they feel and even claim that this tool offers a great amount of true randomness, generate a better atmospheric noise and is approved by most of the testing labs. Even it is quite randomly helps in usual PC related values.

One of the basic consequences of the given approach is that the app can assist in allowing the users to go online to get and access the seed values. In case if you are going to be offline, then it would require to go back on flipping the coins or whatever you feel is significant.


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