Using NeoSetup for installing, managing and updating the software


Having your windows software updated can be a complicated work. Various processes are involved such as configuration of the settings, update process to be done, rules related to troubleshooting if they do not work properly. Suppose any application cannot update by its own, then in that case automatic update needs to be done.

NeoSetup is an application that manage and simplifies the process of installing and updating various applications. Once the program is launched, current status of the application that supports is displayed. The applications include Chrome, Firefox, Skype, Thunderbird, VLC  Media Player, Adobe Reader, Team Viewer etc.

Any application that is outdated are displayed at the top most of the list available. Suppose you find patch missing,  you can click the Install button and NeoSetup downloads the latest version especially at the background. Most of the application that support NeoSetup are small in size and you can download only a single time but it could run better to give a better performance in certain situations.

NeoSetup does look for new updates by default and launches with Windows to give detail description about it. If you wish, you can switch off the update or set the update either houry or weekly basis. There are also options like News tab which lists latest updates and even shows links to descriptions of the real programs.

While you are doing testing, at any time, you face any problem on PC, Neo Setup would correct the update that is to be installed. Suppose it fails in doing, it will remain unavailable until the process is closed manually.

NeoSetup does have various pulses such as wide support of software, no adware, updation quietly and last but not the least, news feature that is used to track the latest releases.  This software is definitely worth a look too.

Download NeoSetup Updater



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