WeatherDan – Tracking the details of the weather using Zip Code


Whether it is wind, ice, rain or snow, everybody needs to be aware of what is happening with the weather and the climate. And added to that, there are countless websites and tools which could assit you in keeping track and updated about it.  It is a common scenario to see that many of the weather monitoring tools trying to impress you by piling up countless features like customized alerts, multiple locations, detailed view of the graphs, etc.

Of course, the results are quite attractive and powerful, but it is very much complex and bulky. With regard to the free window tool like WeatherDan, it takes a very much back to basic kind of approach and method in showing the current (recent) aspects of the US Zip codes. Not only it is very much simple but quite matches up to the given needs which itself is a good thing.

The WeatherDan is a tiny program which is 873KB and no wonder it is a lightweight package. It even has a hassle free installation making it quite easy to equip and monitor the PC in a single and easy to use executable file.  Just a single click of the WeatherDan icon, it would display the basic summary of the current or the inputted zip code. The various details would even consist of the pressure, temperature, wind humidity, dew point, UV index, etc.

The best thing is that this so called popup won’t simply go away within a few seconds, or as and when you move the mouse. This makes it convenient for the user as the popup remains on the screen and even above the other windows. In case, you don’t need it, then it is not an issue, as within a single click on the summary it would simply disappear.

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