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Anvi Adblocker Ultimate

The latest edition from the Anvisoft is the Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2, which is one of the best adblocker and is available for free. Once installed, you may feel that it is not a normal program but as it is installed, the web page would be opened as a post setting tool.

From what once feels like the Anvi website has not been updated for quite some time. But the AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2 does not have the required licensing features and this particular interface consist of a unique button called “Donate”.  So, in case if you have not tried this program previously, then you need to know that it would work like the normal system relate and level blocker.

Once you launch it, all the website that you access in any kind of browser would initially work like the normal system level and even the ad blocker. Just launch it and all the websites that you access in any of the browser and get it scanned for ads and even the contents which are blocked.

For some people it may work well enough but some might have issues with regard to the options present. As per most of the statistics, you have the option to keep the data up to date and even on the basis of the objects that get blocked, and the logs that are used for diagnose may provide some kind of tricky issues. In addition, you have the option to temporarily block the content for few seconds.

Frankly, the Anvi AD Blocker Ultimate 3.2 seems to have nothing new to provide or is quite different. But once it performs quite well which is often in the firsts test, it could be worth something to try.

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