ExecutedProgramList – The Latest Innovation From NirSoft


One of the latest entrant from the think-tanks of NirSoft is the release of the forensics tool for PC – ExecutedProgramList. This tool provides the complete list and the batch files which were launched previously on the PC. For each of the programs that are working, the ExecutedProgramList would display the .exe file name, description, name of the product and at times when it was executed at the end.

The ExecutedProgramList is quite compatible and reliable when compared to the same kind of tools when it gets assembled data from various sources. This includes four registry key and Prefetch folder. Basically, all the given analysis that is prescribed by the user may take some time and the program may appear to get hanged when one runs it.

After certain seconds of waiting, you would get the entire and detail report. In addition, the program has got impressive and more than 1050 executables. Simply by clicking on the ‘Lasted Executed’ column header would just sort them into the given execution order. The given result can then be saved and kept as a normal text report for future reference and analysis.

Frankly, the ExecutedProgramList may not keep track and catch all the aspects launched on the system or PC. And if the system is cleaned thoroughly, then the list may not be there. The use of various sources of data makes this tool quite effective when compared to the others and it is the best means to how the PC is used.

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