IFME – Deminishing the Size of the File Into Half


To get the benefits of the HEVC’s power, you need to have a good tool like the IFME which is an easy to use open source source tool which can transcode any kind of videos into the format of our choice and immediately. Basically, the High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) aka H.255 is a good and great video standards that is quite good and as the name suggest, it produces videos routinely half of the size. Some may feel that it is equivalent to the H.264.

Throughout it is quite widely and supported too. Do you know that the iPhone6  often has the given tool for FaceTime, Windows 10, Android Lollipop, etc which can handle all of the given items of the box and some of the major apps like Cyberlink’s PowerDVD which has been added last year.

IFME can install various data without any kind of incident and if you check out closely then you can see that the entire PC can be equipped with various other kinds of open source like the multimedia ones such as x265, ffmpeg, faac, mkvmerge, ffms, mp4box, etc. Now this is the best thing and as all of are aware the program is not something that simply relies on any kind of dubious and other kinds of custom related videos that are capable on handling codes. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the various types of the bundled engines.

In addition, the Internet or the so called Internet Friendly Media Encoder is very much easy to use. Yes! And the best part is that it runs on a single kind of conversion type and there are no amount of hassles that you are bound to get with other kind of transcoder and there are even no amount or need of wade through which one can post a lot of profiles and complex kind of settings.

Now you have the option to drop as well as drag the targeted videos which are there in the program. Once that is done, then you would have to click on the Start button which is simply renamed as the H.265 MKV related version. This is commonly generated and saved on the same type of folder. So, if this is not so much enough for anyone, then you ought to be aware that there are quite a lot of options right at your hands.

The simplest thing that you can do is that you can start to switch the MP4 output. IN addition, there are various options which can help in setting up the priority of the CPU affinity and priority whose core IFME is something that can be used. It is a nice touch in case if you don’t want such kind of program to hog the processor. Even though they are quite hidden and there are various custom audio and video settings, even though there are various attachments and subtitles in case if you are exporting the MKVs among the various other touches.

Basically, a Console tab would help in displaying the output of the various encoding engines and they even work too. Now this could be quite technical even for some of the experts and in case if you run into any kind of problems then there could be clues to help you.

Now still for the majority of the Internet Friendly Media Encoder and it even works well. In addition, it can even produce a good quality of H.265 movies whose size is somewhat about sixty percent of the smaller and original contents which have no visible amount of changes.

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