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Password Sniffer Console

The biggest advantage of storing web, email, FTP accounts in various kinds of internet software is that they would store all the required data and information, ensuring that one doesn’t need to remember it in the future. At some point you would require to keep in track of the password as well as the username even though it is either to enter the details someplace else or to reinstall a given software. In such case, you have to try the Password Sniffer Console.

Of course, websites do have the ‘Forgot Password’ option (link) which would send the basic reminder. Even there are special tools like Mail PassView that shows the details of the account and which is apt for various apps. But with the Password Sniffer Console, there is a more general  and analysis in understanding the network traffic, both local as well as those things that pass across the system, especially for the ones showing the email, FTP, or web credentials at the first instance.

The command line characteristics take the assistance of the packet capturing library called Winpcap so that one can access the network traffic. In case if you don’t have this kind of procedure, then you can install it by yourself. Once you launch the Password Sniffer Console tool, it would show the network adapter, and would get your selection in which account to monitor. Here it can be a cryptic and lengthy names and it could make you look very much intimidating. But the best part is that this is the only step that have to be taken.

So, once the network device is selected, then the Password Sniffer Console would monitor the given traffic and see for any kinds of web, email, FTP logins. In case if something is checked out, then the details would get displayed. For example, when you use the Password Sniffer Console tool on the Outlook data or content, then the ‘Got Password’ alert gets displayed. Along with that the Internet protocol details of the web server, type of password (POP3), port, password and username, etc. Even though these details are displayed, but it still cannot be captured on to a file.

Some may feel that the Password Sniffer Console is not the best choice for recovering password, but it has got extensive features. The tool’s extensive feature of bringing out the email, FTP, web password is an added bonus and is something that you would really like to have.

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