PicPick – Capturing The Screen Of Your Choice


To put in simple terms PicPick is a fully featured and easy to use screen capture tool having extensive features like color picker, intuitive image editing, pixel ruler, color palette, crosshair, protractor, whiteboard and the list goes on and on. In addition, it is quite user friendly and has got a lot of extensive features making it easy to create images. This so called tool is simply suitable for graphic designers, software developers, home users, etc.

One of the extensive features is the ability to capture and take screen shots of almost the entire screen. Plus you could capture the scrolling windows, specific areas of the desktop, etc. Image editing is another feature of the PicPick. You have the option of highlighting and annotating the images of your choice. The latest ribbon style menu of PicPick has got arrows, shapes, text, and the best built-in image editors too. One can easily make enhancement in the effects and make the image quite attractive. Various tools like frames, drop shadow, mosaic, watermarks, motion blur, brightness control, etc are extensively used.

In addition, you do have the option to share all the images that you want. It is easy to share, save, send images through the web, email, Google Drive, Email, SkyDrive, Facebook, etc. Also it has got graphic accessories which consist of color palette, color picker, pixel ruler, magnifier, crosshair, etc. Also the customized setting features helps in customizing the hotkeys and various procedures to name files, modify the images, and do various other options as per your needs. Even the extensive feature of color picker helps one to get the exact color code for the screen and that too using the built-in magnifying widow.

Of course, you cannot forget the best feature which is the Pixel Ruler. It helps one to take the measurement of the object’s size and put objects in the proper location of the screen. Of cource, there are other tools which are available, but with regard to PicPick, nothing is so compatible. So, go ahead and try out this tool and find out how much effective it is.

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