SHAREit – The Best Wi-Fi Tool For Android, PCs, and IOS


In case you would like to share files belonging to various categories, then you can connect the device to a single network, however it can be quite tricky and tough in setting it up and that too with devices of various times. Lenovo’s SHAREit is a simple solution. It helps in getting simple solutions which could enable the Android, PCS, Windows phone users, etc so that the files can be shared and transferred locally through the Wi-Fi without going through any kind of network hassles.

The basic advantage lies on the emphasis of usage and how much easy it is. Once you have launched, you don’t need to input the IP address, subnets, or even generate the digital certificate. The SHAREit would ensure that you personalize the given system and that too by choosing the available fruit-kind of avatar. Now to send the file, you would have to click the “Send” option and then drag or drop the files so that it can get transferred.

Once that is done, then you would have to click ‘Next’. Then click ‘Receive’ on any other device and it would simply appear on the screen of the sender. You would need to click or tap the required receiver and once that is done, the file will get transferred as fast as it can and that too through the wireless connection. Now this is a great thing and even is one of the simple means to run the ad-hoc file transfer without the complications and the network issue.

In addition, it is quite useful as normal backup tool for various cellphones. All you have to do is click the Send option present in your Android phone and you would be easily be able to send contacts, videos, files etc. within a single tap before it gets transferred to the receiver. Basically, there are more interesting features related to this product that it offers and it includes the means to stream pictures from Android device to the personal computer, or simply use the android phone to take control of the PC related PowerPoint presentation.

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