CAPTCHAs – How They Can Be Useful For Users?


The CAPTCHAs of the website can sometime be a big turn off for most of the users. Most of us are familiar and used to the CAPTCHAs feature and there is no surprise for us when we have to retype the given images as text in order to prove that we are humans not a bot. Basically, the bad aspect for the businesses is that using the CAPTCHA can at times can deter the human beings too. There are new scientific researches and as per the bot finding specialist Distil Networks, using the CAPTCHA can be quite bad for businesses and it can at times make the browsers abandon the page.

The Distil team had created a trivia quiz related to the US politics and history. It promoted such concept through social media (organic) and social advertisements which are paid. A CAPTCHA is often randomly kept at the end of the given questions of 1079 which is often present in the questionnaires. The result displays that when the CAPTCHA is present, on an average about 12 to 14 percent are likely going to access the given content present in the page.

Yes! This can be quite worrying for most of us and the recent boom which is common in most of the web access that mobiles are subjected to, chances are there that 27% are simply less likely going to complete and finsh the CAPTCHA when it is compared to the desktop users. It is easy for you to read a lot about such surveys and the given methodology can ensure that it would be carried on in the Distil Network website. But the best part is that you won’t have to fill in the given CAPTCHA to gain access it.

Not only that it can secure and protect the given website from various kinds of spam and the abuses that most of the people may pass with and that too with a lot of ease. And the interesting aspect is that the new CAPTCHA is present here. A great amount of users can attest that to be humans, you would need to solve the given CAPTCHA. So, instead of a normal and single click, you can confirm that they are not robot. In addition, the CAPTCHA at times provide an advanced security.

Most of the time it is known for its state of the art spam and even prevent abuse protection for the website. In addition, it is quite easy to use, providing a lower friction, and effortless interaction for most of the users.

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