Network monitor known as Ping View


Network managing is a tiring and businesses that consumes much time. It would be recommended not to bother much if your requirements are simple. Even if your network device is offline, you can still deal with the problems even if they develop at any time.

Many times people would access your network.In such situation, you would prefer to choose a proactive method and keep a watch on the hardware that you use. You can check by entering Pingview, which is considered to be a free tool that is used for checking devices that are selected or even domains. You can check for them online too.

You can access the program as they are portable. This makes it easier to be used from any place in the network. You can unzip the program, download it and start using it. From the devices available, you could scan your your network using the creation wizard from  the Ping Collection which is available. Once you choose a default setting, you can choose any network devices available and you can create a collection by clicking “Create”.

A list of devices are displayed at the main interface. To select more data, you can choose any of the following – MAC devices, name of the device and details of the full scanner in the network which includes services available, manufacturer, device type etc. From the collection pane which is right clicked, you need to choose Add  Target which lists extra devices, domains or IP addresses.

From the options, choose dialog namely Collection Properties that give details on ping frequency and timeout. Once you are fully ready, click on Actions under Start option which starts the monitoring process. On every  30 seconds, PingView checks every device, anything that is inaccessible is highlighted and display the times for responses and other information for the devices that are working. Further options are displayed by right clicking the devices that are single to view graphs of the ping times, opens the browser of the IP address and much more.

To conclude, we do think that Ping View’s extras which include ability to check domains instead of the devices and its portability would give justification on the download. But you need to be  ready to spend extra five minutes on knowing the interface before checking if all of it are working well.

Download Pingview

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