SChecklist – Organizing The To Do Manager As Per Your Needs


The main objective of a task management tool is to make your work more productive and save a lot of time. But this does not happen all the time and as you wish. Mostly, this is common with software which are complex and ones where you keep spending a lot of time in figuring out how it would work.

Now sChecklist is not that kind of package. It won’t take ages for you to figure out how the various kind of task gets set up, the requirement of time, web sync and dependencies, etc as it cannot do any of these things. Basically, this is all about creating the various list of names, and even the various checkboxes and even there is nothing else.

Basically, the program is very much simple to use and that too right from the starting. There is no amount of installation, and all you have to do is unzip it into a proper folder and you would get it into a single EXE that would definitely run from anything from the Windows XP. In addition, the interface has got about two panes. Even if you check out the checklist, it would appear on the left side and you can simply create a lot of things just like you click.

It all means that you have to select a list and you would be able to add a lot of items as you need. The standard procedure or the means of doing this can be quite cumbersome. It is all about clicking the Add button, typing the name and then clicking the Ok option. Sometimes it can be double clicking the empty line and then typing the name and after that clicking the Enter option.

However, the sChecklist has got a more and better convenient means of clipboard support. So, if you already have the list in the current Excel, Notepad or anywhere, then you would need to copy and paste the selected items here and use it for immediate usage. Now once that is set, then there is nothing else to do. You need to check the box when the item is complete and this can somewhat change or sort out the order of the long list.

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