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XnShell is an easy to use and handy extension of Explorer shell making it easy for users to see, process and work to an extend with images. Basically the program is designed to see the preview of any kind of snaps or pictures in any type of format and from the right clicking menu. So, one won’t be needing to turn the Icon View on, activate the preview pane or make sure the full and entire image is open (this may sometimes not work as chances of it supporting is less with the default viewer that you have).

All the user has to do is right-click the given tool and select the XnShell. Once it is done, then you would see a thumbnail in the given context menu. This would assist you in the conversion of the selected files into the BMP, GIF, PNG, JPG, TGA, TIF, PCX, etc easily from the context menu.  Here, a separate ‘Convert’ option would easily open the dialog along with many resize options, formats, and even the basic ability to ensure the output folder is set.

In addition, there are various simple and easy to use option to change the image (i.e. to rotate the image) through a fixed amount. This can be done as per the EXIF tag and even one can flip or edit it using the IPTC tags. Plus, there is an upload tool which sends the pictures or photos to the ImageShack and one can open it in the browser window, ensuring the easy and ready share of the contents.

There are other options where you can transfer the selected image on to the clipboard or make it set as your customized wallpaper. Basically, all this is configurable through the current detailed dialog box called Options. Particularly, you would be able to customize the given program menu so that the given features can be removed and never used.

Frankly, the XnShell has no surprising factors, however, the value present in it is because of the shell integration. So, if you can occasionally work and try with images available from the Explorer, chances are there for the program to create and make your life much easier.

Download XnShell

Download XnShell x64

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