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The 2Printer is one of the most interactive and free Windows tools which is used for doing various batch printing of office documents, printing PDFs, drawing, photos and a lot more stuff. So, it means that the 2Printer is often used for personal use. There are a lot of awesome features and aspects involved with this tool. In addition, one can do various kinds of printing, thereby making this tool easy to use and one of the best printing tool.

Now if you are printing only occasional documents, then you need to realize that this tool is not the program suitable for you. However, if you are running a business, then you would first need to print the folder present in the document. This is commonly done at the end of each month, thereby saving a lot of time and effort. Now the program usually installs the given tool as a console app.

And along with it there are few examples which display on how it works. Basically, you can use the command line 2Printer folder or Exe file. Here it would send all the required and necessary files into the folder for printing. So, for instance, while the 2Printer or 2Printer.exe prints all the required files, in the important and named list. Plus not to forget, you can define the various number of copies and get them to be sent to any number of the printer and displaying devices. The one and the best notable and good issues related to 2Printer is that the program is that besides the image, one cannot get the print the files in a native manner. So, instead, it gets passed on to other applications related to its own.

Not only that you can define the various types of the copies and their number. It can be sent to the named and necessary printer too. So, as the result of the given situation, you would need to have or at least install Acrobat or Adobe Reader for installing and printing the AutoCAD run files, PDF, and all those files which are quite similar to printing the Word or OpenOffice files, DWG, DOCX or DOC files, PowerPoint and even printing the PPTX and PPT files.

Another issue is that there are free building prints and the presences of extra nag page can make the file more crassly in the end. So, a major makeover or print related factor has to be run in order to make the print job easier.

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