CryptoWall – The Next Generation Malware Detection Tool


The CryptoWall is one of the best and interactive malware detection tool. After the short lived and ever-changing hiatus, the developers of CryptoWall have decided to start building the next and latest version of the dangerous malware which is usually coined as the CryptoWall 3.0. Like most of the security experts think, it can easily help in taking control and handling the basic threat which is becoming common.

The emergence of the recent version which is 3.0, sometimes this could spark the recent debate as how the signals would feel and look like, making it easy to provide protection against the various roomware variants which are becoming common. Now the question is what is the new feature iof the CryptoWall or what makes the recent availability of this tool. Since making a huge debut somewhere in the previous or last fall and creating a havoc for about thousand of business and people all around the world, CryptoWall has become one of the biggest and the famous name in regard to the ransomware threats.

In addition to that its predecessor which is the Cryptolocker got its snowball effect somewhat in the year 2013, making it one of the most ransomware strains for entering the given marketplace. The given concept is quite simple. Victims who get infected with CryptoWall oftenn end upp opening the malicious and dangerous emails and attachments. So, once that is present on the system, then the CryptoWall would ensure the victim’s file are encrypted and would make an extensive demand of about $500 for ransom.

The payment made have to be done within the given seven day period and if not the ransom will get doubled. In addition, you need to add a new wave of the threat like the CryptoWall 3.0 which was somewhere introduced in the mid January 2015. This is one of the next generation ransomware which can help in making opportunities for the hackers to access as well as ensure that there is an increase in the number of privileges and the presences of the various infections which are likely going to happen.

This would easily exploit the kits, making it as an important ransomeware when it is running on the machine. In addition, rather than relying on the privacy network of the TOR, which is like the previous version of the CryptoWall, most people feel that a more shadowy and interactive network is required which is known as the I2P (i.e. the Invisible Internet Project) and this is introduced as a good security expert.

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