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DIRList is an interactive and easy tool which can be used for listing the various contents and information present in a single folder. Windows Explorer provides usually a straight forward approach in viewing contents and information of a particular folder. However, most of us would prefer a different approach and something which can make viewing the information different and unique. Not only that you would like to share the given information with other people and even use it for future Unluckily, most of the tools never provide such kind of features. If this is something that you want to do occasionally, then at times a fast workaround would be simply enough. Of course, you do need to take a normal screen, give command or use the command line to get more control. By using the program coding and execution codes, you can view the files and contents under the Program files.

This is somewhat a more regular or a common requirements. If you are on the lookout of an easy means of making your life or work easy, then you should try to check out the DIRList which is not only a free but a portable tool that scans the given folder tree and helps one to customize the CSV and HTML reports along with the contents. Also the presences of the program coding which assists in opening the given Explorer tab is something that you would like and it has to select the subject which is part of your report. Furthermore, you do have the option to select one or more folders and file and that too by clicking the checkboxes.

Also you can define the files which have been listed in various formats like *.mp4, *.mov, etc. Plus you can set various options such like subfolder and even decide whether it is required or not. All you have to do is click on the Start option as and when you are required and then the DIRList would simply switch itself to the List view and would display any kind of files which have been selected. If the given list is not correct, then you can simply switch back to the Explorer tab which can help in tweaking the settings.

In addition, you can provide explanation and define the exact details of the current report and it would consist of files, titles and various properties which you would be needing like name, path, size, extension, attributes, dates, etc. and formats like CSV or HTML and text colors like HTML reports. So just go ahead and try the given tool.

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