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The NetToolset is a simple and free to use (personal) network toolkit. It is quite compatible with the Windows XP+ OS and has the fantastic feature of supporting about eight normal functions. These functions are Traceroute+, Ping, Reverse DNS, DNS Lookup, IP Whois, Blacklist Lookup, Port Scan and Domain Whois.

Basically, the program is very much simple in terms of power. It is so easy to use and all one has to do is click on the tab option and then enter the concerned domain or the Internet Protocol address. Once that is done, then the user has to click the button. When compared to other kinds of tool, the NetToolset has the Ping function which is filled with various kinds of configuration choices like Reply Timeout, Rounds, Bytes, Time between rounds, and Reverse DNS.

The biggest advantage or the notable plus point is you are not restricting yourself from putting up certain target host or any kind of IP address. Just imagine, you are having three websites which are ready to Ping. The websites are,, which are present in the target box. So, now the given program would simply check how each or one another in turn and show the great amount of results which are available for studying. The NetToolset would check each one of the given contents in turn and then when it feels satisfied, it would display the given results which could be beneficial for studying. The NetToolset assists in importing the targets present in the text files.

Even it would try to take out the IP address and assist in hosting the names which are present in the website, contents present in the clipboard and message headers, etc. So, such kind of intelligent download or import can simply sound to be great, however, it is not as much as smart as you think. The entire program based on the picking out ‘Update.php’, Windows.exe, Trojan.Backdoor, and any other kind of similar words and the constant phrases which may scan the targets.

Now in case if you are able to get a problem free and easy to use list, which could either be an entered target that is done manually or the one which would be get the imported them to a properly and format source. If that is done, then the program saves the given title of the file to the targeted history, thereby making the addresses properly formatted and to recall as well as test later on.

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