Saving Text to File – A Firefox Research Extension Tool That Is Handy

Saving Text To File

Saving to Text to file is an add-on available for Firefox that makes working on Firefox easier. If your work is involved in a paragraph or more, you can forget about using bookmarks. You need to use the mouse and right click and choose the option Save Text to file. Once you have selected, click on Save and the chosen words are saved to a local file.
Once you find something interesting, it is a natural thing to bookmark the page so that you could read or use it at a later stage. It may look basic, but it can save a lot of time.

As the default, every selection is saved to a file that is separately created and named with a time and date to the file name. This helps to get the files grouped and get the snippets that you require. Also, it can get the hard drives seriously cluttered too.  There are various ways to customize the name of the file, the format of the date or customize the folder so that snippets can be kept together.

Save Text to file can be apprehended or prepend on the text you have chosen to the same file. You can browse the information later so that you can get to see the text selected when its turn comes. Along with it, you could get time and date that is saved and the URL. There is no need to look for bookmarks or check the websites once again individually. Whatever you wish to find, it is all available there. You just need to browse and get the information. It is definitely worth a try to do it.

If the option does not suit your requirement, you can change the date or time or you can just simply add the chosen text to the project file that is single along with the date and time and the source URL. The online verdict is that it is easy to use application that requires no training to be used and does make an easy work. Important web text could be saved and there is no worry of loss of date in using this form of application. It would not be wrong in re-reading the total page to find out the fragment that is needed.

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