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It is a common scenario most of us would be doing a simple PC related task. It would require us to search and download some of the freewares. As soon as you download it, you realize the file is too huge and it would require you to install it even though it consumes a huge space. Plus as it comes with some interesting adwares, functionalities which you won’t need, but still there are certain things which you would want to do.

The SepPDF is very much similar to a freeware. Even though it looks tiny, there is still a great amount of single functionality present in it. One such is converting or sub-conversion of the PDFs into individual pages of equal size and without any kind of unwanted extras. Here the sub-200KB of the program or data would be easily downloaded into a single and easy to use executable file. Once it is launched or comes live for display, you can see the presences of a tool or a freeware which is not only small but can be done in a single function like splitting the given PDF into separate pages or PDF pages. All this can be done without putting a great amount of effort and unwanted extras.

The sub-2000KB of the program which is common for downloads will unzip the given file into an executable file. And once that is done, then in the display of the launch field, a tiny box will appear. The interesting aspect is that you can accessible various features within the four buttons. This program is quite user-friendly and easy to use. It is like clicking the Ref option, which means the Browse, then you would have to select the targeted PDF and then you should click on the option called ‘Split All’.

Once that is done, then the SepPDF would start to create a single PDF for each page and that too with the same targeted PDF and the given results or data would be stored in the same folder as the given source. In addition, there is a Split Button which can provide the required and necessary control. You have the selection to try for selecting the single page based range which could specify the starting and ending of a given page.  In addition, there are various options which could specify what kind of export folder is about and it is something which you can use for adjusting the given time stamp of the saved files that matches the given source.

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