Download Accelerator Plus: Download Files With Your Desired Speed

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) downloads all types of files more conveniently than any other time by cutting out irrelevant steps and increasing speed. The program provides you with a set of features. There you get some multiple add-ons too. You can install the add-ons to customize program that suits your specific need as well as user patterns.

Upon the installation of the application, you can end up with unwanted applications on your PC besides the default content by taking cautions in step by step process. Except this, the process of set up runs smooth, getting you instantly up and running.

The most important feature of this application is an integrated web browser and that considerably reduces the period of time that you use for searching for files and require to download them. The ‘Internet’ tab takes you to the online giving you all download options available with an upper tool bar. Moreover, you have an option to copy the URL and get the files in conventional ways.

The main window of the application displays the name, size, progress and the date created. You can sort the file also according to your choice. You have the chance to create folders to download the specific file format by default. Different presets are fixed to sort out various kinds of software, music, images, videos and compressed documents.

Unless you discover the option menu, you don’t know that the application features a scheduler also. The scheduler helps you set time related details like daily download. It has an automatically process to stop the download in a specific time.

Once all items are downloaded, a very few post-process option shuts down your computer with the close of the application. Among other features one of the most important features is the sharing of the applications with your friends. With a few click on your mouse, you will be allowed to share a great number of files. If you click on the ‘send’ button, it brings a web page and allows you sending emails with a download links and file you want to allocate.

To manage the download sessions, you can use Download Accelerator Plus. It is not complicated and never takes time to get acquainted with.

Download DAP

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