Flash Builder – Converting The Given Applet Into Windows

Flash Builder

Now if you are having a Flash applet, then it is quite obvious that there would be very fewer options at your disposal. Of course, you may host it online and package it in an easy manner for offline use using a HTML file, and even maybe email it to any person and assume that they must have installed the Flash Builder player.

In addition, you do have the option to use the Flash Builder in order to convert the given file into a stand-alone Windows executable file which can be ready to run on any kind of the desktop. One needs to install the given tool, but there is no adware, catch or any kind of unwanted or unrequired payload. It is just the core program and the presences of the uninstaller. Like other tools, Flash Builder is quite simple to use and at a minimum, one just needs to select the targeted the SWF file. In addition, there are various options which can provide the given program with the customized icon, splash screen, setting with a window border (which could be either be in white, black or transparent).

So, once you have finished the installation, then you need to do is click the Build option, which is an executable file that is created in the same folder just from a common source file (for example Flash.SWF> Flash.exe). Furthermore, the tool would open the Explorer window inside the folder for testing it. Unlike the other kinds of tools, you have the option to convert the executable related to support translucency and windows of any shape, that can be well built and great if the application used by you can support it.

If you are a novice in using the Flash Builder, then you could start with the given resources which are simply designed to speed up on learning and evaluating while using the Flash Builder 4 version. There are various applications which use the Flex framework, Adobe Flash Player, MXML, ActionScript 3.0, LiveCycle Data Services, etc. In addition, you can create flex projects which work great with the latest backend server technology like LiveCycle Data Services, ColdFusion, PHP, etc. Not to forget you could develop web and desktop related applications with the Flash tool.

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