Shareaza Has Made File Share Easy


A customizable peer-to-peer files sharing software with the features of media player, chat, and library.

Shareaza is a software application that helps people to share and download files and directories by connecting to eDonekey2000, Gnutella 1, Gnutella 2 and DC++ networks. It is a spyware free software application.

The installation process takes very less time. After the pretty quick as well as smooth installation mechanism, the user is required to select the internet connection type and the desired upload and download speed in a configuration wizard.

As soon as the user finishes completing the step, the person will be introduced with a well-developed and well-organized interface. What it displays are a menu bar, some tabs and an overview of the user connection status, uploads, download, library and seeding torrents. Therefore, it is accessible to all user categories.

The search function of Shareaza is quite simple. Immediate after entering a keyword, the user can select the file the operator is interested in. However, the user should know that the results are displayed quite quickly. The user can stop the process at anywhere with just a click of the button.

Additionally, the result can be seen in the main box with all details like name, file size, extension type, rating, status, client, country, time, and host. From the specific user, it is possible to download and browse all the shared files.

Shareaza has developed a download queue. Because of having a download queue available you can pause, resume or cancel the processes easily. It can preview the multimedia files in the built-in media player. Without complete download, the user can create a playlist and save them to the hard drive using M3U format.

The utility files come up with bundles and displayed in a library. As a result, the user can see the items shared with other and all the items downloaded over the period.

The user can also see the properties of all the files and look for similar files copy link, move, remove and rename the items and put to another location from one location. The user can check whether any virus is available there or not with

The user can also access the extensive list of channels and connect to them so that they can communicate with other people so quickly. The user can remotely access the tool by using all type web browsers.

Shareaza offers the user access to software database and multimedia resources. It doesn’t create any obstacle for system performances and response time is quite good.

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