Tomahawk Music Player – An Android and Open Source Platform

Tomahawk Music Player

The Tomahawk Music Player is one of the open-source, free and cross-platform music player which is suitable in Mac OS, Linux, and Windows OS. In addition, the Android client which is present is available in the beta version. Plus one can focus on the conglomeration which is present in the user’s music library which is spread over local as well as network collection.

This can be quite a good aspect for streaming services. Even it has got a familiar iTune kind of interface which can be quite awesome to use. Also, the left column of this tool would offer one unlimited access to the playlist which can even help in searching the history, looking out the favorite tasks, charts and looking out the various other categories. In addition, the Tomahawk Music Player even allows one to install the various plugins which are suitable or various kinds of music services. 

Such kind of things consists of YouTube, Spotify, Jamendo, Last.FM, Grooveshark, ownCloud, SoundCloud, Dilandau, 4shared, Apache, Official.FM, Google Play Music, Beets, Beat Music, Rdio, Deezer, etc. Somewhat in the later year of 2013, the Tomahawk Music Player was launched HTML App and it is something which allows the given users to enter the songs name and artist. Such is possible with the assistance of the Tomahawk Music Player which is embedded in the HTML coding. These codings are inserted into websites, blogs, and even allows the various direct links to be present in the playable tracks present online.

Later on in the year of 2014, the Tomahawk Music Player launched it is innovative cross-platform which is present on the platform called as Hatchet in the form of beta. Even though it is still in the hard phase of development, still the services provide users to ability to see and check what other users are listening and sharing. Furthermore, it provides the extensive feature of loved track synchronization along with the display of the user playlist across the various devices.

An interesting aspect is you can stop chasing the required music all across the web and forget about the services which you don’t like to use. All you have to do is simply link a song or provide a name, playlist, album, etc. The Tomahawk Music Player is indeed one of the best music players.

Download Tomahawk for Windows

Download Tomahawk for Mac

Download Tomahawk for Linux

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