Simple IP Config 2.6 – Portable And Easy To Use IP Changer

Simple IP Config 2.6

The Simple IP Config 2.6 is a portable and tiny Internet Protocol (IP) changing utility. It allows users to easily modify and make changes to the common networks present in the Windows machine. This can be done for any kind of network connection. Furthermore it shows the information of the current network for a given and selected adapter.

The Simple IP Config program has an interface which is quite similar to the one present in the built-in Windows network and configuration screen. But this tool provides quite exceptional features (more features) without having to undergo the burden of clicking vastly through the endless amount of windows.

This tool is quite easy to use as it provides various subtle details which are present behind the screen like providing keyboard shortcuts for various kinds of actions. These new settings can be easily applied with a simple press of the Enter Key. So, when you have made the configuration to the settings, then you can send the given program to the system tray so that it can be used later on.

The Simple IP Config 2.6 has got numerous features like changing the settings of the network, displaying the present network settings, easy to use and portable ( installation) requirement for running the USB, etc. Plus the given tool is very much small, having a storage space of 1.5MB for download. Unlike other kind of IP configuration tools, the Simple IP Config 2.6 has got the extensive feature of easily saving the contents and switching from one particular profile to another.

Not to forget, it has got the best and easiest keyboard shortcuts which is quite predictable and useful for any kind of task. And then there is the extensive feature of sending the tray for later usage. Such unique features are present in the Simple IP Config 2.6 itself. So, go ahead and check out how much delightful and useful the given tool is.

To conclude, the Simple IP Config 2.6 is definitely one of the products to watch out for. Of course, there are various other competitors in the market, but what makes this product standout is the presences of the easy to use and cool features giving it an added edge.

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