SSuite NetVine Makes Your Job Easy By Saving Time and Money

SSuite NetVine

SSuite NetVine is a chat tool. It is such a comprehensive and multifunctional tool that allows the user to communicate with others in the same network. The application helps you to chat, send as well as receive message or emails or transfer files with the other people on the same LAN or WiFi network. It can detect all the stations in the local network. The program is developed by Van Loo Software and can be run on all Windows Operating Systems.

SSuite NetVine helps to transfer the files as well as sending and receiving messages between the users in the same network. It requires minimum efforts because the program detects all the devices which are connected to the same Wi-Fi and LAN as well as list all of them in each window you open.

SSuite NetVine has a dashboard that features a very minimalistic interface. The interface allows you to access the screen which is specialized. The screens are like email, instant messaging, file transfer as well as inbox. On the left, in a column, the list of connected devices is displayed. As a user all you need is to select the name and send your messages.

Sending and receiving emails, instant messages, files and quick test documents or all kind of recorded voicemail are allowed to send using SSuite NetVine. With the program, you can work offline too. Because the program has been structured like that way. So you need not to access the internet all the time and that can be done only on the local network. The features allow you to save the cost of data that comes because of file transfer. The feature maintains all the conversation of the user secured with in the LAN as well.

On external server or internet connection, the application does not depend and, so no data remains in online locations or cloud account. All the user need to do is to open the application and wait till it detects all the devices in the network.

With the help of SSuite NetVine, you can perform instant file transfer and carry out private conversations. You need not worry about the data leaks. Sometimes it takes a long time to detect the devices that are connected to the network. It might crash in the process too. Additionally, the transfer of data may fail until the program completes detecting the list of all connected users.

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