WildBit Viewer 6.2: An Image Processor To View, Edit And Search Images

WildBit Viewer

WildBit Viewer 6.2 is a set of applications. It comprises with five different applications. WildBit allows users to view, edit as well as the search for image files. It creates slideshows as well. It can manage profile also.

WildBit Viewer 6.2 is developed by Marko Hietanen. WildBit Viewer can be run in any Windows Operating System. With the WildBit, you can view images as well as locate them with explorer-based layout. It allows you to rotate the images, switch them to thumb view, enter them as a full screen view and zoom them in as well as out. From here, using this suite, you can see the image info and set them as wallpaper for your PC.

WildBit allows you to create your favorite list. You can also set the rating and the color label. You can compare images and generate your own file listing and what not. WildBit also allows you to import pictures either by using file browsers or by “dragging and drop” method. It allows you to use the editing tools which are very basic in character like zooming, deselecting, cropping, resizing the picture etc.

By applying various effects, it allows you to adjust the color by contrasting and sharpening them. A number of effects can be applied also. It also allows you to capture the desktop. You can merge pictures, capture objects and icon and whole screen as well. You can replace and erase the metadata also.

On your PC hard drive, you may search for pictures by name, size, data, location, and other information. You can create slideshow as well as configure the settings. You can manage the profiles what is explained earlier. It allows you to reset settings of a specific program.

WildBit Viewer takes very small system resources. It has an elaborated help file. The developer assures that it did not get freeze or crash at the time of testing. The response time is quite good.

To talk about specifically, WildBit has been developed with most of the essential tools so that you can process images the way you want. For all level of users, it is highly recommendable.

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