Disk Savvy Analyzes All Your Disks And Storage Systems

Disk Savvy

Disk Savvy is useful in exporting file filters and categories to PDF or HTML formats. It also helps in analyzing network shares as well as NAS devices, while at the same time increasing and improving the performance of operations when users use file management. In addition to enabling users who need to copy their files to the clipboard or to export to a database and carry out such tasks like gaining visibility, they may use this software’s feature to provide analysis for multiple disk usage.

The ability to fix bugs as well as reduce memory usage is also a notable feature. It supports a file navigator and thus enabling users to navigate disk files and directories and enabling users to detect directories by use of enough disk space. It also saves them and enables users to come up with different kinds of pie charts and save them.

Classification of built in files is also made possible by Disk Savvy. It does make sure that users can categorize or classify plug ins which have the ability to recognize various types of files as well as showing the user categories of files that are stored in the disk space. For example, in terms of file extension, categories, creation or even user names various operations are managed such as results on analysis of disk space.

Scanning the network and locating network servers is another useful feature of this software. It also enables users to detect networks that are accessible automatically and thus ensuring efficiency and effectiveness for the end user. Disk Savvy also provides users the ability to do an analysis of disk space as well as enabling them to get back on it whenever they want to by referring to the history of past scans. Users are also able to use this software to do an analysis of network servers as well as locate reports that will help users in evaluating past performance.

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