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Wise Folder Hider

Sometimes we would like to keep our file, which are in storage on our computer, private. The best way to do this is to do is file Encryption. The file encryption process protects the files from the snoopers. But encryption of the file is quite problematic and requires much time. But there are some other process, by applying them you could hide your file and other people will no longer be able to see the file from the Explorer.

This is not a grade security and your file, might be hidden while they will be still on your computer’s hard drive in the actual form. As a result, an attacker, who is determined enough, could be able to retrieve the files. But if you wish to keep some files from the reach of your family members or friends, possibly they don’t have any reason to suspect you are keeping some files to some other hidden place and the technology of this could work quite well.

One of the free tools that make it all very simple is the Wise Folder Hider. With a right-click, select the folder where you want to “hide your folder with Wise Folder Hider”. A selection of this option means your folder is gone.

Now, if you need to access the folder to get the contents what you have kept there, just open Wise Folder Hider, with a double click, the folder will be opened as usual. As the program is password protected, so no one will be able to open it.

The program has also a bonus and if anyone wants to hide files or files of an entire USB drive, any kind of protected object can be restored with a couple of clicks.

Sometimes Wise Folder Hider doesn’t work as you expect. If you browse them via a library, you cannot hide files. To exemplify, you can’t explore music file to MP3 but from C: drive to Users to UserName to Music to File.MP3, if you follow the path then you can discover the file. Likewise, other can do the same to explore the file. It doesn’t recognize the USB drive, is also a place where it has scope to be developed.

However, overall, the program hides folder and it is just fine and no matter how people do try to access the folders. The chance of the protection of the file is worth a try.

During the setup, it asks you to submit your email ID and this will allow you get the forgotten password back later.

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