How Norton Security 2016 Beta Is Faster Than The Windows 10-Ready

Norton Security 2016

Recently, Symantec has announced the public betas and details with regard to its latest product – Norton Security with Backup 2016 and Norton Security 2016. According to the company, this cannot be termed as the major update, but the company feels that the changes and modification which has been done on the given product cannot be directly visible to the users. Only the developers are authorized to see the changes and there is certain under-the-hood kind of updates which have been made for improving the given performance, making the package quite compatible and competitive with regard to the Windows 10.

As a curious user, if you plan to check out and test the given release, it is recommended that you first uninstall the current Norton package present in your PC. This is done as a precaution in order to see whether the stand-alone copy of the given Identity Safe did not give the required result when it got installed into the beta version. Plus you would need to get the tool registered especially before the beta version is downloaded.

This consists of providing working and current email id on which you are going to receive the basic product key. Here the signup process would provide you a basic 14-day license which can be extended at once and if required for another 14 days or more. An interesting thing to note down is that while downloading this beta version, you could be the first user to just test drive this modified product. Even the changes and modifications would be invisible to your eyes and sometimes from the view of the developer it could be visible to you.

But basic under the hood modification which have been done for this beta is bound to provide and deliver the required performance. Basically, by just testing this version, you are simply giving a critical feedback of what will happen on a long way in understanding and helping one to provide the best and feasible security. This means that you can really get the Norton to go through several of its paces. All you have to do is just go ahead and get the frequencies adjusted at all intervals. Make sure to run the manual scans. Plus you do have to engage and interact with the interface of the Norton users and that would be the best thing.

To conclude, the developers have made some really interesting and good updates to the Norton Security. No doubt, a tough competitor for Windows 10 has come.

Download Norton Security 2016 Beta

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