Shairport4w – Streaming Video Files From Any iOS Device


The AirPlay of the Apple is often used for streaming the iTunes related to the media library to your iPhone from the Mac or PC. This can be stored even to your iPad and iPod and even to other wide range of various supported hardware like AV receivers and speakers. The Shairport4w is one of the free tools which can be often used for streaming the media files right from the iOS device to the Windows PC.

Sometimes a Windows based system can be often used as a normal media broadcaster, however it cannot be often used a normal receiver. This is what the Shairport4w tries to rectify. For this the Bonjour service of Apple has to be installed and you can use the media files which can be simply streamed.

Basically, running the Shairport4w is quite easily and it is an incredibly simple too. All you have to do is launch the given program and simply enter the name for getting access to the given points which you are creating. And then you have to enter the basic password for it and after that you would have to add the various security layers. Such things are needed for the given device with regard to the iTunes library and you can log them to the same kind of network of your PC.

One of the interesting features of the Shairport4w is that it can assist in playing the audio contents from the iPad, iPod, and iTunes to the PC. Also you can record the various Sound Stream to the given disks (where the record and the limit of the time is about ten minutes with regard to the free version) and it can be split recorded into streams of various tracks.

Another extensive feature is the auto tag and the untagged tracks which can be used with the help of the apps like the Shairport. This tool can be used for recording the given tracks of the files which are in the .mp3 version or extensions into those files which are in the .mp4 extensions.

In conclusion, the Shairport4w is one of the best tools for labeling the recorded tracks of your choice. This is done using the embedded AirPlay stream meta information.

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