64bit Checker 1.5.0 – Portable Tool For Running Bit Version Of Windows

64bit Checker

The 64bit Checker 1.5.0 is a portable and simple tool. It is commonly used for running the 32-Bit or 64- Bit version of the given Windows. Additionally, this given tool has got the extensive feature which ensures that the CPU would support the given 64-Bit OS if the user decides to upgrade from the current 32-Bit one.

Unlike other programs, this has got a large display (window). This window displays the version, name, type, service pack, date of installation of the OS, etc. In addition, you do have the option to copy the available system information on a clipboard. Even you can simply save this current information on any hard drive. At times, you could then detect the coding for the OS of Windows 10.

However, you do need to have to keep in mind that this is not a complete one, as Enterprise, Windows 10 Pro, Education versions are some of the basic facilities which can detect them properly. While all other available version would be recognizing this as Windows 10, still more information would be required for recognizing the various other kinds of version.

Another extensive feature of 64bit Checker 1.5.0 is the high DPI awareness. 64bit Checker 1.5.0 has the ability to bring about a high amount of DPI awareness and so it would provide an environment which would seem to be giving a high and interactive DPI display. Furthermore, the 64bit Checker 1.5.0 is an awesome tool which shows what kind of Windows or version has been installed on the PC. It means it would point out whether it is 32-Bit or 64 Bit version of the Windows and check out whether the processor is easily capable of operating the 64-bit OS.

As already stated, the interesting feature is being able to detect which is 32-bit or 64-bit version of the OS called Windows. It would check out whether the processor used and supported is of 64-bit OS. If you have still doubts, you can install the 64-bit OS on the PC. Plus with this tool, it is quite easy for saving information on text, clipboard and HTML files. Another extensive feature is the portability which means no need to install and no need to run the library of the required kind.

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