AVG LinkScanner – Getting A Strong Layer of Security

AVG LinkScanner

The AVG LinkScanner is a simple tool which gives the best and advanced kind of security. This is against the invisible and quick moving web related threats, checking out the definite safety of the present web pages, and even linking the links which would return the given web searches. Like most of the security tools, this also works along with the most of the current AV consumers and some of the best security suite software. The AVG LinkScanner is nothing but a technology which is nothing but an integral aspect of the solutions related to AVG, consumers, business and even including the AVG Free.

The AVG LinkScanner even does the real time-related scanning of various links which are clicked for checking threats. Sometimes the links scanned by them would return the researches which are the threat. In addition, the AVG LinkScanner even does real-time scanning for those web related threats which you can just click on the given link. At times clicking on the link would return back the searches which have been scanned for threats related to web content.

This tool is quite compact with most of the current consumer related AV and the various types of security suite devices. Not only it is easy to download but is simple to install and even use. It is compatible with most of the Windows version like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 2K, etc. However, unlike most of the security devices where one has to churn out tons of money, the AVG LinkScanner is available for free online and one can download it and use for the PC, home system and even for non-commercial purpose.

Just imagine how much effective the AVG LinkScanner is. While the most dangerous page present on the web is present on the screen and you are about to click it, the AVG would ensure that you are safe. The AVG LinkScanner provides the best layer of security against the various invisible and fast approaching threats, and to most of the websites which are hacked. Plus not to forget, it would even verify the basic safety of the web page which is visited by you and would simply return back the web searches like Yahoo, Google, MSN, etc.

Download AVG LinkScanner

Download AVG LinkScanner x64

Download AVG LinkScanner for Mac OS X

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