LatencyMon does display the time for execution for routines like ISR, DPC, and any hard page faults and try to resolve them for drivers and process each for executing. A report comprehensively is created and is represented by sample data in a detail manner and thus it allows for detail in-depth analysis.

LatencyMon is a free utility available online and it does check for the computer’s ability to handle digital audio by measuring ISR and DPC. It does identify kernel modules and processes latencies that are caused which could lead to drop outs in audio. It does serve as a simple fault monitor for various uses.

LatencyMon does have five different tabs such as Main, Stats, Processes, Drivers and CPU. The program does offer various options that are useful which include ability to select logical core to monitor, tool to set ETW file size and the ability to measure SMIs and CPU stalls and perform check on CPU speed check on sanity.

We could run LatencyMon on various computers and give results that are predictable which includes newer and more powerful machines that have multicore CPUs best fared. We find that LatencyMon that runs every tweak that is diagnosed with latency issues and could verify the fixes. Whether you are setting a studio or if you want to know if your PC could handle buffers related data like digital audio, LatencyMon does provide not only data but also answers supporting that too.

Besides the results for the test conducted, the program does display the processes for running, installed drivers and core CPU statistics which is exported to text files. The processor cores are selected and test parameters are adjusted in the Options Windows.

The design for LatencyMon is done keeping in mind the need for the ability of the computer to run real-time audio  and it does come in use when you wish to click and add pop ups in the output that is used for audio purpose. The results generated is of high class and it is widely used by various users. The latest version does give support for various users and has created greater interests among the people.

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