It is basically designed as an approach that compromise and give the best quality playback quality for video. It does support various applications like Zoom Player, Pot Player, KM Player, JRiver Media Center, Emby Theatre, MPH-BE, Kodi DSPlayer, YAP, DVB Viewer, Kodi DSPlayer and MPH-HC.

The features of the video is that it offers processing of high depth bit – 32 bit per component, film mode that turns 60pi to perfect 24p, high quality algorithm that is used for scaling, sharpening, debanding, dithering etc  and much more.

MadVR does try to find automatically other PC’s that are located in the local network that is used for running MadVR. Once such PCs are found, you can automatically change audio and video tracks and then jump to specific chapters etc. MadVR does use the local network for performing these actions. If you do not have plans to use any of the functionality, you can block any of the network accesses. Also, there is assurance that no upload of private data to the server or any of such act is done. So allowing for any access to LAN will not result in privacy or any security problems.

The requirement for this video is the availability of GPU that has full D3D9 / PS3.0 and that support hardware. At least 128MB of graphics memory card is required and use of Windows XP or latest to that version is required for the software to run.

The video was released on July 20th, 2015 and has been using worldwide. It has changed the OSD that was used for rendering over and over again. It has used the radius option that is used for testing too. Replacement is done to the strength+passes option with the new option for strength. Removal was done for the option by using the alternative color options space.

MadVR is basically a fully utility software for media enthusiasts who want to have and enjoy the best of video files available and get the best use of it. The Video display given does give you the best of potential to movies that are depicted which does give a real and a larger than life image. Also, the application does have its own limitations but the newer versions available are trying to cope up and give the best of the application for people to use.

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