OutlookAttachView 2.80 – Scanning Messages As Per Your Requirements


The OutlookAttachView 2.80  is an interactive, lightweight and small utility tool which can help in scanning all the available messages which are stored in the Outlook. It can provide the user with the various lists of the attached files and their basic location. There is various kind of key features present in this tool. Now with the OutlookAttachView 2.80 you can easily select either one or various kind of attachments. Also, it is easy for you to save all the given aspects in a required folder.

Plus with this tool, you can easily delete and remove various large kind of attachments which often are the ones taking a lot of disk space, especially in your mailbox. The OutlookAttachView 2.80 would easily allow one to make a great amount of saving in terms of list and also with regard to various attachments like HTML, XML, CSV File, Text, and even for various other uses.

It is compatible in various kinds of operating systems like Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 2008, Windows 2003, etc.

Plus one important thing which you have to keep in mind is that the OutlookAttachView 2.80 is not compatible with Outlook Express. In addition, the OutlookAttachView 2.80 even scans the various kinds of messages that are saved in the MS Outlook. Plus not to forget it even displays all the given list of the files present in it. With a great amount of ease, you can choose either one or more of attachments. Plus you can easily save all of them into a given and required folder. This is same with huge attachments. Most of the large attachments are stored in the HTML, XML, CSV, and TEXT file.

With the OutlookAttachView 2.80, there is no installation process involved or required. All you require is a single portfolio and with such portfolio you won’t be needing any kind of password which is  often people commonly use. Another extensive feature is the scanning of the emails. This helps in ensuring that there are no spam emails and helps in removing or throwing away the unwanted ones. And once the scan is over, just select the required file.

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