ScreenBlur 1.3.0–Locking Your Screen And Preventing Unwanted Access

ScreenBlur 1.3.0

In the market, there are various dedicated tools available online. These help in ensuring that the data and information from the system would always remain private from all kinds of unauthorized viewing. Of course, there are certain applications which help in managing to do it in the easiest and the best possible manner. ScreenBlur 1.3.0 is one of the best tools under this category and it helps in managing to avoid any kind of access to other kinds of users for the system by simply locking the screen. The tool has got the best user interface and is quite clean. This can easily appeal to the individuals who are on the side of having less experience.

Here the user interface is clean and it helps in appealing to the less experienced and novice users. One can easily lock the screen using the ScreenBlur 1.3.0 by setting up a password. Also with this application, one can display the characters of the password and help in remembering it. With this tool, you can easily ensure that the program runs right at the Windows start-up and even locking the system when it becomes idle for a specific amount of time interval. Plus this would even enable as well as disable the sound notifications too.

Basically, even while the screen has been locked, one can minimize as well as hide all the given things which appear on the desktop and hide the visible windows, gadgets, icons, taskbars and even minimize the windows and hide the various desktop icons. Most importantly, there are various hotkeys which are available for getting better control of the entire process and this can be easily reassigned. Additionally, you do have the option of locking the screen when certain keys are pressed and also while deactivating or activating the feature of the desktop blackout.

Another important feature of this tool is that it allows the users to put the system to sleep in case if gets locked after a certain period of time and even after logging the events. The tool somewhat gives a preset image for selecting from and it even provides a great possibility of adding one own image to the given list. But it is important that the file format has to be in JPEG, BMP, and PNG.

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