Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 – Java Based Web App

Apache Tomcat

The Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 implements the JavaServer Pages 2.3 and Servlet 3.1 specification which is based on the Java Community Process. This includes various additional features, making it one of the most useful platform for deploying and developing web services and web applications. A thorough research online can provide with various links and documentations which can easily help in analyzing and understanding on how the Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 works and compiles the apps.

Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 is an effective and easy to use open source tool that is written in Java programming language. This is basically designed to give users with a native environment that runs on Java programming and for running the web based applications. This tool is often known for giving mission-related and large scale web apps which can be provided through a huge range of industries and firms.

The Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 has got various interesting features and characteristics. One of the major characteristics is that it is an open source implementation that is related to the JavaServer Pages and Java Servlet technologies. These are just developed under the community process of Java. Furthermore, while the developing the Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 tool, the user has to add dynamic contents into the current web server of Apache which is given by Tomcat.

The Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 is commonly used for running the Java related applets and code on the Apache related web server. This is especially for web developers who want to create dynamic applications and websites by using the aforementioned technologies of Java.

Basically, this software comprises of the JavaServer Page (JSP) engine, Catalina servlet container, and HTTP connector. Even though the JSP engine is responsible of the dynamic contents present in the web app, still the servlet container is engineered for interacting along with the Java applications. Now as the project is written based on the Java programming language, this means that it would easily run on the Linux or GNU, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Also one can even download it as source and binary archives. The tool has got supported architecture like 64-bit and 32-bit.

To conclude, the Apache Tomcat 8.0.28 is a great and reliable solution which is applicable for any person who wants to rich and interactive web apps by using the open source technique.

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