Balabolka – How to alter voice parameters?


The Balabolka is an interactive and easy to use Text-To-Speech tool. It comes with different computer voices and can be used to read the texts on the screen loudly. It supports and remains compatible with various formats like MP3, WAV, OGC, MP4, WMA, and other file formats. In addition, the Balabolka can be used for reading the contents of the clipboard, viewing the text from CHM, AZW, DOC, AZW3, FB2, DjVu, EPUB, HTML, FB2, MOBI, LIT, PDF, RTF and PRC files, customization of the background color and fonts, contain the reading of the system trail or by using the hotkeys (global). With this tool, the user can use the available special substituion list for improving the quality of the articulation of the voice.

In addition, the Balabolka uses different versions of the SAPI (Microsoft Speech API). This allows one to change the parameter of the voice, even the pitch and the rate. Here, the user has the special feature of adding a special kind of substitution list for improving the quality of the articulation of the voice.

Basically, this feature is quite necessary when you are trying to make modifications to the spelling of the words. Even this includes the rules with regard to the correct pronunciations and use of syntax at regular times. In addition, this tool is available for free and you can easily download it easily without logging or being a register in any other website. It even has the best feature of adding a particular kind of substitution which can easily make improvements in the voice and provide the required voice that you want. Just imagine, with the Balabolka, you can get the required machine voice and use it without any difficulty.

The total size of the Balabolka is 10.0 MB and the latest version is It is compatible in Windows XP or 7,8,9, or Vista OS and you can get it in various languages like Chinese, English Bulgarian, Arabic, Czech, Croatian, French, Dutch, German, Finnish, Italian, Greek, Persian, Turkish, etc.

Unlike other speech tools, the Balabolka can be used for saving the synchronized text in various MP3 tags or LRC files in the audio files. So, when the audio file is played on the player of the PC or any modern and latest digital audio device, the text would be automatically synchronously.

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