Blender 2.76 – Creating Stereoscopic 3D Images

Blender 2.75

The Blender 2.76 is developed by the Blender Foundation and developing community. This tool tool has got various innovative features and characteristics. In this latest version, the Blender Foundation has corrected some of the snags which were present in the previous versions. The tool’s UI allows basic font preview of the file browser and it has high quality options in terms of the previews present in the file browser.

This version of Blender can easily support the full integrated Steror 3D pipeline and Multi-View option. The cycles present has got a lot of required and initial support for the GPUs and AMD, even there is an added feature of light portals which is present in the Blender 2.76. The UI of the Blender 2.76 provides the easy font previews for the file browser. In addition, high quality options related to the viewport and depth of the fields are added in this tool. The modeling feature has got the best corrective smooth modifier.

Also the decimate modifier has greatly improved and the 3D viewport painting can easily support the distribution and symmetry of the Dynamic Topology. Another extensive feature is the video sequence editor which can easily replace the missing frames of the sequence of images. Also the game engine of the Blender 2.76 provides a smoother transition in terms of LOD and it also supports the mist related attributes and animation. Even the Blender 2.76 can easily fix about hundred bugs and there are other interactive features which have been greatly added in this tool.

One of the major features added in the Blender 2.76 is the multiview branch. It means that the Blender can now easily support the basic ability for creating various kinds of stereoscopic 3D related images. Also with huge pervasiveness present in the 3D television and films (of course, not to forget the VR headsets related to gaming), various individuals are quite interested in creating images that can be easily interpreted in the given format.

Another interesting feature is the awesome AMD and GPU support of the cycles. The GPU accelerated renders of the Blender is the Cycles. This has got a large upliftment in this release. Even though some may feel that the Cycles are designed for taking advantage of the basic computational power of the latest GPUs, however, until now the capability is simply ripped on to the video cards related to AMD.

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