Halite – Controlling and Monitoring Programs With Mobile Phone


The Halite is one of the best open-source BitTorrent clients. This is simply based on the available and best bit torrent library of the Rasterbar Software. Now what makes the Halite better among the competitors is its simple and remote controlling interface which allows to control and monitor various kinds of program using a mobile phone. Currently, the latest version v0.4.02 revision was released on 28th July 2015. Basically, GitHub is considered as one of the primary source for file release.

There are various features of the Halite. One of the eminent features of the Halite is that it provides file priority specifications and file selection. Also the Halite can be used for managing the torrent queue system. Another interesting feature of the Halite is the magnet URI support and the disk cache support. In addition, there is the trackerless torrents and this tool helps in supporting the magnet URI torrents. The Halite tool has the super-seeding function and even provides the torrent styled multi-tracking and announcing. The IP filtering along with eMuke styled ipfilter.data import can be done with the help of the Halite tool.

It even provides support for protocol encryption and helps in the translation of the UI. This UI is translated into various kinds of languages with the assistance of volunteers. Also it helps in minimizing the tray and even the summary rate. Along with that, the Halite provides full unicode support with the help of the native Windows and UTF-8 wide character strings. Another important feature of the Halite is it provides login support especially wherever the trackers are needed. Even you can edit the specific and required trackers present in the torrent.

This tool even provides the ability to make and design torrent files. Also the user can easily post the forwarding and port randomization (which is nothing but the NAT-PMP and UnPlug). In addition, the Halite helps in specifying the transfer rate and the basic limit of connections for both the per-torrent and global aspects. Even you can schedule the shutdown feature with the Halite tool. Unlike other tools, the Halite is quite easy to use and is available for free. You can easily download it online from any of the online website.

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