PotPlayer – How to enjoy videos without worrying about the compatibility issues


Diversification is the single word which is attached to almost all the things, right from the objects, living things to any virtual elements. While referring the term diversity to media files, this is found in huge varieties and in various quality formats and settings. The best thing is that specialized apps like the PotPlayer provides a huge amount of possibility for enjoying one’s favorite and best videos and songs without having any issues regarding the compatibility.

The interesting feature of this tool is that it is quite visually appealing and very easy to use. Here the setup process involved helps in guiding through a various steps which would simply take less time. The additional codecs should only be used if they are missing from the system and especially when the consent of the user is not available. While running the PotPlayer tool, an interactive and attractive interface is veiled. And the elements present in it are reduced to minimum, and it consist of all the required options of playback, sliding of the volume and resizable and decent preview section.

Also it is quite easy to toggle the playlist and even the control panel as there is a huge possibility of sticking them to the major window and even move them around the given desktop as a normal group. Another great feature of the PotPlayer is it supports a huge type of formats. Basically, adding media files is not a rocket science. Here one barely need to drag the required items over a given playlist or the available preview section. The user can easily load and save the list as and when required, along with the option for importing the existing ones.

Furthermore, the user does not need to worry about whether the given application would open a particular file or whether it can support all the required format. So, formats ranging from MP4, AVI, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MKV of the video category to the customized formats like WAV, MP3, APE, etc for music and the common playlist and application are present in this tool. To conclude, the PotPlayer provides a great and enhanced video and audio experience. So, there is no doubt that the PotPlayer is something worth for trying.

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